Wednesday 17 July 2024
22.5 C

NHS issues Heat-health Alert Level 3 – heatwave action

There is a 90% probability of Heat-Health Alert criteria being met between 0900 on Saturday and 2100 on Tuesday in parts of England.


Issued at:

Cooler air is likely across England from Wednesday through to Friday. It will still feel warm for many, and particularly the southeast will remain very warm or hot by day with warm nights.

Renewed hot or very hot conditions develop during this coming weekend and into the new working week.

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However there remains some uncertainty at present in the extent, intensity, and duration of the renewed hot or very hot conditions at this lead time, and this alert will be kept under daily review as forecast confidence increases.

An update will be issued when the alert level changes in any region.

Alerts are issued once a day by 0900 if required and are not subject to amendment in between standard issue times. Note that the details of the forecast weather are valid at the time of issue but may change over the period that an alert remains in force.

•  Updated: Amber warning of extreme heat affecting East Midlands into next week

The Heat-Health Alert service is designed to help healthcare professionals manage through periods of extreme temperature. The service acts as an early warning system forewarning of periods of high temperatures, which may affect the health of the public.

The Heat-Health Alert service operates in England from 1 June to 15 September each year, in association with UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA). This is the period when temperature thresholds are most likely to be reached. However, should thresholds for an alert be reached outside of this period, an extraordinary Heat-Health Alert will be issued and stakeholders are advised to take the usual public health actions.

The Met Office forecasts day-time and night-time maximum temperatures, which are monitored regionally. When certain heat thresholds are passed, an alert is issued and sent to relevant health professionals and people working in social care as well as displayed on our website. This enables health professionals to take action to minimise the impact of the heat on people’s health.

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