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Nigel Farage leads pro-Brexit ‘Leave Means Leave’ march from Nottinghamshire

Today the march has been re-joined by leading supporter Nigel Farage MEP, who is accompanying the Hundred marchers on their walk through the Midlands


The March To Leave continues its 270-mile journey to London as the “People’s Vote” begin their afternoon march around London.

The ‘March To Leave’ is campaigning under the slogan ‘Brexit Betrayal’ and is led by Leave Means Leave Chairman John Longworth and founder and Vice-Chair Richard Tice.

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The march started at The Horse and Groom Pub, 10 Main St, Linby in Nottinghamshire.

This peaceful protest, comprised of The Hundred marchers, is said to be ‘a symbol for millions of Brexiteers across the length and breadth of the country.’

The organisers say that the march is ‘representing the 17.4 million leave voters who have been silenced and ignored by the London focused media and is a demonstration of their anger towards the Westminster Elite and the ongoing betrayal of Brexit.’

Today the march has been re-joined by leading supporter Nigel Farage MEP, who is accompanying the Hundred marchers on their walk through the Midlands, whilst the “People’s Vote” is at Westminster.

John Longworth, Chairman of Leave Means Leave said : ”Unlike the so-called “People’s Vote” we see no need to pay people to have an afternoon walk around Westminster. We have already had a ‘People’s Vote’ in 2016, which Leave won. This would more accurately be called the sore losers vote.”

“It has been clear from the hundreds of locals and ordinary voters we have spoken to over the past week that people across the country are sick of elections and referendums. Yet another referendum would be the fourth national vote in five years (the fifth if you live in Scotland), and voters don’t want another one, they just want politicians to get on with it and deliver Brexit. MPs promised to do so, not only before the result was announced but also in their manifestos in the last general election.”

Nigel Farage MEP added: “Last night a national humiliation became an international humiliation, as Theresa May went on bended knee to beg for scraps from the EU. It demonstrated the complete failure of her negotiation tactics and should, hopefully, be the final chapter in her abysmal premiership. Meanwhile the Westminster Elite are preparing the ground for the complete betrayal of Brexit.”

Richard Tice, founder and vice-chairman of Leave Means Leave noted: “I would find it interesting to hear from Alastair Campbell, one of the high profile supporters of the march, why the Prime Minister and Parliament should listen to their rally when he and Tony Blair completely ignored 1 million marching against their illegal war in Iraq. This sort of hypocrisy and arrogance is typical of the Remainer establishment that is trying to stop Brexit.”


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