‘No right turn’ into Nottingham Station taxi rank and drop off area from June

Lane closures will be in place on Queen’s Road Nottingham from May 20 until June 4 as work to block the right turn in to the taxi bay takes place. 

Nottingham City Council are responsible for the works which involve ‘Lane closures to facilitate works to carriageway to prevent traffic turning right into the taxi rank area at the railway station.’

Bolt-down kerbs will be installed to prevent right turners.

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  1. The drop off area has been very difficult to use ever since they put a mini taxi-rank there and extended the stay period to 5 minutes. I find it a lot easier to use the Station car park short stay area (where you will still be able to turn right into) where you can park for free for 30 minutes. It’s only a few yards further away from the station than the drop off area.

  2. You would have to go along Canal Street, turn left Wilford Road, turn left Waterway Street, turn left Sheriffs Way continue on Queens Road and turn into drop off area. Quite a detour. There might be a way through the Meadows if you were coming from Trent Bridge.

  3. How about enforcing current No Right Turn junctions first.
    Huntingdon Street to Beck Street. All day people ignore the ahead only signs.
    Especially taxi drivers.
    Complaints to the council result in no action.

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