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Nottingham business donates 1,000 facemasks every week to a West Bridgford School

UK Meds owners Joe Soiza and his son Brett Soiza are Becket School alumni and have fond memories of their years at the school.

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Nottingham-based online pharmacy UK Meds has agreed on a deal to donate 1,000 facemasks every week to the Becket School in West Bridgford.

The agreement will ensure that students and staff have enough masks supplies to reduce the risk of infection and stay safe over the coming months, in the anticipation of a potential second wave of COVID-19.


UK Meds owners Joe Soiza and his son Brett Soiza are Becket School alumni and have fond memories of their years at the school, Joe’s youngest son Owen Soiza is also a current pupil in year 11 and so the family bond with the school runs strong,

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The local firm was inspired to reach out to the school when they heard out the change in rules regarding the wearing of face masks in schools. The donation, which should save The Beckett School and its Trust- the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi-Academy Trust £1200 per month which can then be channelled into other areas.


Joe Soiza, managing director of UK Meds said: “When we heard the government guidance that returning students would be required to wear facemasks moving between classrooms, we decided straight away that we wanted to help out. As a local business, it is extremely important that we support our local community and since March we have been donating PPE to local health centres who otherwise might have struggled to afford all the supplies that they needed.

“Through our supply chain we have secured an excellent supply of FFP2 facemasks, as recommended by the World Health Organisation,  and so we thought we would give back to the community by pledging to donate 1,000 face masks per week to the Becket School and its Trust,

“We can guarantee this supply and so it gives the school, parents and pupils peace of mind that if there are problems in the wider consumer supply chain as winter draws in then they can rest safe in the knowledge that we will be providing a guaranteed supply of masks each week.”

Paul Greig, the headteacher of The Becket School said: “We are so great grateful for this donation and the peace of mind that it brings us as we embark on the new school term. It is fantastic that we can partner with a local business which is just around the corner from us and whose founders are all Becket alumni.

“The returning pupils have been fantastic so far and have settled into the new routine so well. We all have to be careful and respect the rules, but the pupils have adopted the new routine with such a mature and sensible attitude they are an absolute credit to the school.

“Keeping the school open now is our primary goal to maintain consistency of routine and teaching and so this donation will absolutely support our efforts to do that.”

“Hopefully, this is the start of a great relationship between The Becket School and UK Meds, where we can look for future opportunities to work together.”

As Joe Soiza concluded: “If this supply of masks to The Becket School helps to provide peace of mind and means one less thing for the management team to worry about during this anxious time then that is the very least that we can do.”