Saturday 27 May 2023
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Nottingham City Council on target for 1,000 affordable homes

Nottingham City Council says it is on track to deliver or support the development of 1,000 affordable homes.

The Council Plan outlined the target, including newly built homes, new acquisitions and homes for the homeless such as temporary accommodation. The current projection is for the target to be exceeded, with 1,049 units available or due for completion.

To date, 151 new council homes have been completed, with a further 351 in the process of being built. Planning permission has also been granted for 24 more homes on the Oakdene site in St Ann’s.

A further 52 new build affordable homes have been completed on private sites through planning agreements, some of which have also been acquired by the council to add to its housing stock. The council has also converted nine upper floors over council-owned shops into new affordable flats for rent and has bought 162 properties from the private sector market to further increase the number of council homes.

Housing Association partners have also been providing new affordable housing in Nottingham which is available to people on the council waiting list through the Homelink Partnership.

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Between them, Housing Associations have built 76 new affordable homes with a further 182 homes currently being built on various sites across the city.

A further 142 units of homeless accommodation have been provided across Nottingham by the council and its partners with an additional 13 currently in development.

Portfolio Holder for Housing & Human Resources, Cllr Toby Neal, said:

“We have made increasing the number of affordable homes available to local residents a priority and I’m pleased with the progress we’re making towards meeting our target.

“We are building good quality homes with high energy efficiency standards, giving the opportunity for more local families to choose a decent home which is so important towards ensuring good health and wellbeing.”

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