Tuesday 27 February 2024
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Nottingham City Council to launch process for 5-year £4.8m pantomime contract

Nottingham City Council has approved the initiation of a full procurement process to find a pantomime producer for a five-year duration, starting from the 2025/26 season.

This decision comes as the current contract with the existing producer is set to expire in January 2025. The new contract is valued at £4.8 million.

Documents released ahead of the Commissioning and Procurement Executive Committee next week show the details.

The council notes that the pantomime is a key cultural event in Nottingham’s festive calendar, attracting multi-generational audiences and contributing significantly to the local economy.

The Council’s partnership with an experienced pantomime producer has historically optimised financial returns while transferring production risks, it adds.

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The new contract will continue this approach, supporting the sustainable operation of the Theatre Royal and contributing to the Council’s statutory duty around Best Value.

The procurement process aims to attract high-quality bids by offering a five-year contract, which provides producers with a reasonable timeframe to recoup investments. The process will be governed by the Concession Contract Regulations 2016, ensuring transparency and equal opportunity for potential bidders.

Risks associated with the procurement and contract mobilization are being mitigated through early initiation of the tender process and the expertise of the Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall’s staff. The Council aims to secure a producer that can maintain the high quality and financial success of the pantomime.

The financial details of the proposed contract are exempt from publication to protect the Council’s financial interests and ensure the best possible outcome from the tender process. Legally, the proposal seeks to delegate authority to the Venue Director to enter into a contract with the successful bidder, ensuring a seamless transition and planning for future pantomimes.

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