Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Nottingham city on-street parking fees increase from April 2024

Starting 1st April 2024, the new tariffs will see an increase in on-street parking fees across three designated zones in Nottingham.


Zone 1

The most central area in the city, will have a new rate of £2.80 per hour.

Zone 2 and Zone 3

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Areas slightly further from the centre will have rates of £1.50 and £0.80 per hour, respectively. The detailed locations of these zones are available on the Parking Services website and are part of an attached Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

The Rationale Behind the Decision

The Council says its decision comes after a three-year freeze on on-street tariffs, a period marked by societal adjustments due to the COVID-19 pandemic and evolving demands for parking space. The new tariff rates align with compound inflation and aim to balance the cost with other transport options.

A critical factor driving this decision is the Traffic Management Act 2004, which mandates the Council to ensure smooth traffic flow in the city. With only 1,400 on-street parking spaces in the city centre, these tariff changes are intended to manage high demand, encourage short-stay parking, and discourage long-stay commuter parking. This strategy is expected to maximize vehicle turnover and availability of spaces.

Environmental, Economic, and Social Considerations

The tariff revision also aligns with broader environmental, economic, and social goals, the authority notes. Studies highlight the benefits of public transport and active travel over private car usage, including reduced congestion, CO2 emissions, and health risks associated with physical inactivity. With 38% of Nottingham households not owning a car or van, the Council is keen to ensure accessible city centre transport for all residents and visitors.

The anticipated increase in revenue from these changes is ringfenced under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. It will be reinvested to maintain and improve Nottingham’s transport services, which are considered among the best outside London, boasting over 80 million annual users.

Revenue is expected to be over £480,000.

Other Options Considered

The Council also reviewed other options, including maintaining the current tariffs or reducing them. However, these were dismissed due to potential issues like increased congestion, environmental impact, and failure to manage demand effectively.

Impact on the Community

This decision affects various wards in Nottingham, including Castle, Hyson Green and Arboretum, Meadows, Radford, and St Ann’s. The Council has conducted an Equality Impact Assessment to ensure that the changes do not disproportionately affect any community members.

•  Nottingham off-street car parking ( city car parks ) charges to increase from April 2024

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