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Nottingham City Transport to run Saturday timetables from 10 January because of shortage of drivers

Nottingham City Transport will be temporarily adopting its Saturday timetable on weekdays from Monday 10th January 2022.


The A1 and A2 school buses will operate for Trinity, Bluecoat and Nottingham Girls Academy, along with extra buses timed for the start and end of the school day on the main NCT network.


Additional journeys will also operate to meet key working hours at Colwick Industrial Estate, QMC and Ruddington Business Park.

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Final arrangements for Boots Site and University services will be confirmed next week. The NightBus network will be suspended.


NCT needs to adopt this revised timetable to provide a reliable service to customers, in line with the number of drivers it has available each day.


Like most other transport operators, NCT is affected by the national shortage of bus drivers, with a shortfall of around 5% on the number of drivers it needs to run its current timetable. In recent weeks, a further 5% of drivers have been unable to attend work whilst they self-isolate because of COVID, resulting in short notice cancellations.


David Astill, NCT Managing Director said:

“Prior to Christmas, despite our best efforts, our service reliability was not at the standard our customers expect or at a standard we are happy to continue delivering. We recognise that short notice cancellations cause inconvenience to customers when an advertised bus doesn’t turn up. By adopting this revised timetable, customers will be able to plan around the level of service we feel we can confidently and consistently deliver.”

The temporary timetable has been agreed in consultation with Nottingham City Council and will remain in place until driver availability increases.


Customers can visit the NCTX Buses app or www.nctx.co.uk/services to preview the new timetables. In printed leaflets, customers should follow the Saturday timetables.

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