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Nottingham Deliveroo drivers protest about pay and conditions at ‘Roobus’ event


Deliveroo riders, part of the so-called gig economy, continued their
timetable of disruptive action in Nottingham today.

A protest and demonstration, coined as a ‘Rider Party’, took place
on Friday 12th April between 12-2pm on Smithy Row.

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Riders from the Nottingham Riders’ Network are currently fighting for improved working conditions, more transparency and better communication from Deliveroo.

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A spokesperson said: ‘Deliveroo will be visiting Nottingham at the same time on the next stop of their RooBus tour. Several invitations have previously been sent to Deliveroo asking for face-to-face meetings to discuss the Riders’ concerns, however these have not been attended by Deliveroo, with poor excuses given each time. Nottingham Riders will take their concerns to Deliveroo’s door by campaigning at the RooBus event.’

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-Greg Howard, Chair of the group said:
“Deliveroo have so far been unwilling to hear or action our demands, despite being
assured we can feedback at anytime, they have not taken our concerns on board! It’s time
for Deliveroo to talk, talking can’t wait, we want our demands listened to! If Deliveroo can
drive a bus to Nottingham then they can surely hear our concerns!”


NRN demands to Deliveroo:

Fixed distance rate of £1 per mile after the basic minimum delivery fee.

Paid restaurant waits for £10ph/£0.17pm.

No victimisation of any rider taking industrial action.

A local recruitment freeze, there are too many riders in Nottingham.

A fairer statistics and performance platform that takes riders individual circumstances

into consideration.

More transparency and better communication from Deliveroo.

No rider to be terminated without a full investigation and full evidence to be provided

upon termination.



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