Nottingham economic growth is highest in the East Midlands

Nottingham is the fastest growing city economy in the East Midlands region and is growing faster than Birmingham, Liverpool and Sheffield. See full report. 

The Autumn report UK Powerhouse showed growth in Nottingham of 1.7% GVA* – Leicester 1.6% and Derby at 1.4% – this shows a ranking position of 22nd. (see pdf below)

  • GVA – *Regional gross value added using production (GVA(P)) and income (GVA(I)) approaches. Regional gross value added is the value generated by any unit engaged in the production of goods and services. GVA per head is a useful way of comparing regions of different sizes. It is not, however, a measure of regional productivity.
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Nottingham is a city that has seen major investment in recent years across its communities and the city centre; developments which include the completion of new tram lines connecting Beeston, Clifton, Bulwell and the city’s two world class universities, and the £30 million construction of the new BioCity building in Nottingham’s Creative Quarter.

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Nottingham also has a strong reputation as a centre for technology and for its innovative community of digital and tech businesses that thrive across the city.


Councillor Sam Webster, Portfolio Holder for Business, Education and Skills at Nottingham City Council, said; “This is very positive news for Nottingham and recognises the significant achievements which have been, and which will continue to be made by Nottingham City Council and its business partners in bringing inward investment and new jobs to Nottingham.

“We know that start-ups and growing businesses benefit greatly from being located in Nottingham, a city which provides them with economic opportunities as well as a talented workforce of local people who themselves make a significant contribution to the city and benefit from increasing levels of job creation. Nottingham has great ambition and while progress has been positive we are focused on future growth and job creation.”

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BLS-PHA17-0003-B-A Future Powerhouse for Technology Autumn 2017