Nottingham Emmanuel students brave the weather for Bronze D of E Awards

13 Students brave the weather to achieve their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

Students from The Nottingham Emmanuel School have braved the Peak District weather in pursuit of their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Awards.

The group travelled to Carsington Water in the Peak District and despite a challenging 9-hour hike in wet conditions, the group succeeded in reaching Birchover Camp where they were able to settle in and cook some well-deserved meals.

Teacher Martin Skinner said that the students had shown resilience during the trip.

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“The second day we walked from Birchover to Over Haddon, navigating through fields, valleys, hilltops and bridleways and the bonds of support forged the previous day were to prove invaluable as the terrain became harder to navigate and weariness crept in.

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Navigation errors did happen, but together, in their teams, the students showed real determination in correcting themselves and pushing onwards towards the end.”

The weather closed in on the students again as they made their way to the final destination.

Martin said, “The students really had to dig deep, dealing not only with tiredness but a torrential downpour. Ironically as soon as the last person made it to the minibus the sky cleared and the sun shone!”

All of the students had successfully completed their task. “As staff members, we are immensely proud of each and every person for completing their expedition.

The determination and resolve that the students displayed is a real credit to them and they should feel a sense of achievement for a job well done. We hope to see them all next year for the silver award!”