Nottingham firm reveals plans for Copenhagen mixed-use project

Kronen Vanløse, Welcome Mall

Nottingham-based Leonard Design has revealed how its distinctive foundations in British design, complemented by vast global experience, are shaping an exciting mixed-use scheme that’s due to open in Vanløse, Copenhagen in Autumn 2017.


Leonard Design was brought on board before Tristan Capital and Solstra Capital saved the unfinished development which had stalled due to the recession. The challenge was to remodel the part-built design, improve the planned scheme, and to redefine the development into a unique hub of residential, retail, and leisure space for the whole community to enjoy.

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As a result, Kronen has been envisioned as a ‘neighbourhood’, prioritising public areas and places to socialise. The development, named after the former coffee and margarine factory that stood on the site. The word Kronen in Danish also means ‘treetop’, reflecting the green suburban surroundings and the avenue leading to Kronen. The development will cover a 24.000 m2 shopping area and 14.000 m2 residential area, as well as featuring 75 retail units.

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Kronen Vanløse, Upper Mall

To maximise the introduction of public green space and residential units, developed by Sangberg Architects, while meeting the weight-restrictions of the built structure, prefabricated room sized modules have been cleverly introduced to the top of the development to create two and four storey townhouses, all seamlessly connected to the retail and social spaces below.

John Morgan, director at Leonard Design, added: “Copenhagen is a city of outstanding architecture so it was essential that Kronen Vanløse took a similarly innovative approach to creating a community in the truest sense.

“Active throughout the day and night, the space meets the needs of a diverse local scene that wants to eat, shop, and live all in one space and at any time. With excellent connections with the nearby transport hub and the integration of bike parking in all elements of the design, this development will be an essential part of what it means to be a Vanløse resident.

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“The aesthetics, particularly a dramatic double-height entrance that leads from a central square and roof lights that flood the lower levels with daylight, purposefully reflect the values of the community; everything that’s contemporary, natural, social, and healthy. Plus, the structure had to facilitate easy navigation – smaller retailers are kept to the ground floor, anchored by the large Føtex supermarket. Large fashion stores are located on the upper floor. This is considered an unusual layout in Copenhagen, but it will drive customers upstairs with direct access out onto the restaurant terrace.

“This project was originally a straight forward retail destination. Our team has evolved the design into a mixed-use scheme which offers so much more to Vanløse and its residents.”

75% of the retail space has already been leased to well-known names such as Føtex, H&M, and Sinnerup, plus a strong line-up of restaurants and a gym, supporting its objective of becoming a natural gathering place for locals.