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Nottingham flood defences get £150,000 funding


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Nottingham is one of 17 sites identified as being at risk of surface water flooding.

Around 40 properties in Beechdale area have initially been pinpointed as being at a higher risk.

Now, the Labour-run Nottingham City Council has said it plans to spend £200,000 improving resilience to flood waters.

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Of this, around £20,000 will be spent on consultancy, helping the council work out exactly how the money should be spent, and whether more properties could benefit.

For the work itself, a further £30,000 will be from the raised from local taxpayers – known as the local levy – with the final £150,000 coming from the government.

The exact properties the council is currently looking at can’t be revealed, in part because the information could damage the value of the houses.

But they are believed to be in the Bilborough, Lenton and Wollaton East, and Wollaton West wards of the city.

A council report on the subject said: “A study is required to be conducted to investigate the viability of the chosen area in addition to identifying the properties that are at risk by using computer modelling, based on specific storm events.

“It will aim to identify a long list of options in relation to implementing possible strategic methods of alleviating flood risk.

“The study may also identify other additional properties that may benefit from a surface water management scheme.”

Councillor Sally Longford, deputy leader of the council, represents the Lenton and Wollaton East ward – one of those expected to benefit.

She said: “We know that this area is susceptible to flooding during heavy downpours and need to explore what kind of work in which locations would best tackle problems with surface level water.

“We then plan to use funding from central government’s Flood Defence Grant in Aid to carry out work to protect the properties we identify against flooding, such as installing flood resistant doors.”

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