Nottingham Girls’ High School recreates Taskmaster for Charity

Girls from Nottingham Girls’ High School have raised money for Nottingham University Hospitals and the Anaphylaxis Campaign charity by recreating popular TV show ‘Taskmaster’ with members of staff at the school.

Nikhita Srinivasan in Year 12 suffers from a nut allergy herself and has seen the invaluable help provided by the Anaphylaxis Campaign to people with all sorts of allergies. In the UK, 1-2% of adults and 5-8% of children have a food allergy, and this affects their everyday life. Nikhita and fellow Year 12 pupil Emily Slade came up with the initial idea in September.

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Both girls are fans of the TV show which involves ‘Taskmaster’ Greg Davies setting bizarre tasks for a group of comedians, from such things as getting a basketball through a hoop without actually touching the ball, to eating as much watermelon as possible in one minute! The girls thought this would work really well as a charity event at school and so set about making their plans.

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They worked really hard and even got in touch with the show’s creator, Alex Horne, to ask for his advice and ideas. They bought all the props themselves and approached teachers from each department in the school, organising them into groups and setting the tasks, which included popping balloons at speed, unravelling sticky tape and a blindfolded obstacle course!

Along with friends Anna Shaw and Miriam Ali, they then filmed and edited the tasks throughout the following months, ready for the live event which took place earlier this week, and culminated in the final task of painting a portrait of the Head, while blindfolded!

The girls publicised the lunchtime event around the school, and it was hilarious fun and well attended as lots of girls enjoyed watching the films and the final task, and cheering on the eventual winner, English and Psychology teacher, Mr Alex Day.

The initial £176 raised has been very kindly matched by Alex Horne, which is amazing, and the girls hope to raise even more by organising a second showing and also selling DVDs of the event to those involved.

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After the event, Nikhita said: “It was a lengthy process and stressful at times, but overall it was very fun and enjoyable, and we learnt so much from the experience! We also plan to do the event again next year!”

The school has an incredible record when it comes to charity and has raised thousands of pounds through a variety of creative events, supporting local, national and international causes. Head, Julie Keller, commented: “I’m so proud of these girls for taking the initiative on this. In true NGHS spirit they sacrificed a considerable amount of their own time and money to completely organise and coordinate the whole event. It was so well planned, and such good fun. Well done girls.”