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Nottingham Green Party Manifesto pledges for Local Elections 2023

All main parties in Nottingham have published their manifestos and key pledges ahead of the local elections on May 4.

Voters will head to the polls next month to select which candidates they want to sit in 20 wards which return a total of 55 seats on Nottingham City Council.

The authority dictates how Nottingham taxpayers’ money is spent on roads, bin collections, parks and leisure, libraries and other services including adult and children’s social care.

Currently, the Labour Group has 50 of 55 seats on the council, the Nottingham Independents have three, and the Conservative Group has two.

The Nottingham Labour Group is the only party to have put forward a candidate for all 55 seats.

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Meanwhile, the Conservatives have put forward 41, the Nottingham Independents 28, the Liberal Democrats 20, the Green Party 17 and UKIP which has put forward two.

Three candidates will be standing independently and one will stand for the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition.

While 28 seats are required for a majority, the Conservative Group says it is only seeking to create a “strong opposition”.

In 2019 it put up 55 candidates in an attempt to gain control of the council.

Similarly, the Liberal Democrats said the group hopes to create an “effective opposition”.

The manifesto and pledges are as follows:

Nottingham Green Party

The Nottingham Green Party will be putting up 17 candidates who will appear at the ballot box on May 4.

In 2019 the group put up 14 candidates, but none were elected.

In its pledges the group says it hopes to expand park and ride capacity and create a citizens’ assembly.

It also says it will seek to implement a joint Green Party and Liberal Democrats plan for the former Broadmarsh Centre.

A spokesman for the Nottingham Green Party said: “The Green Party strives to create a system based on well-being, community and sustainability, where the heart of government is you, the people.

“The cost of living crisis has left families destitute. The energy crisis has left us unable to heat our homes.

“Climate change threatens the world we love so much. The Green Party believes the time to act is now.”

The group says its main pledges are based on “three pillars of sustainability”.

The first pillar is ‘social’, within which a focus to build healthier, happier, holistic communities.

The second is ‘economic’, and aims to deliver sustainable prosperity and support for those in need.

The third is ‘environmental’, and aims to protect “our one and only world”.

“Through these 3 key goals, we will launch our city into the future, and make Nottingham one of the most desirable places to live in the entire country,” the Nottingham Green Party adds.

It also published nine pledges ahead of the election, with a complete manifesto expected on April 19.

They are as follows;

1. Housing:

“Ensure there are enough bed spaces in safe and monitored shelters so no one has to sleep rough.”

2. Transport:

“Expand the park and ride scheme capacity, reducing traffic and air pollution.”

3. Economy:

“Work with job centres and the DWP to create new volunteer positions that can support local charities to drastically expand support to local residents that are in food and energy poverty.”

4. Health: 

“Collaborate with Nottingham NHS Trust to raise awareness for women’s health issues such as endometriosis.”

5. Planning:

“Implement the joint Green Party-Liberal Democrat plan for a new, regenerated, thriving Broadmarsh centre based around access to green spaces, growth and jobs.”

6. Waste:

“Seek to eliminate litter around the city by creating new jobs in waste collection and organising community-led efforts to clean up our streets.”

7. Energy:

“Implement an ‘Insulate Nottingham’ scheme to subsidise costs for upgrading insulation in low-income homes with low energy efficiency.”

8. Education:

“Extend the free school meals programme to the school holidays to ensure no child goes hungry during the holidays, expanding the summer voucher programme to Easter and Christmas.”

9. Democracy:

“Create a citizens’ assembly as an improved forum for people to be consulted on local developments and policy, and allowing residents to hold their politicians to account.”

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