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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Nottingham Hospitals: No visitors allowed unless with prior arrangement


Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust has taken the steps because people with coronavirus symptoms have visited the premises.

‘In order to protect the safety of our patients please note the following changes:

‘From Sunday 22 March we will not allow any visitors unless they have been pre-arranged with the nurse in charge*.

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‘Despite our earlier pleas for anyone feeling unwell or with symptoms of a cough or temperature to stay away, we have unfortunately had people with symptoms visiting our hospitals. This decision is to help protect our patients and staff.

‘Please think of other ways you can stay in touch with your relative/ friend, such as video calls.

‘We apologise for any distress this will cause and would appreciate your co-operation at this challenging time.

‘Thank you from everyone at Team NUH.’

*There will be special allowances made for birthing partners, parents of patients under the age of 18, relatives collecting patients on discharge and those at the end of life. These will be restricted and visitors must be pre-arranged with the nurse in charge.

We ask that the public respect these rules during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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