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Nottingham housing estate still unfinished almost four years after work began

A housing estate in Nottingham where homes cost upwards of £500,000 remains unfinished many years on.

Work on the Martin’s Reach estate, off Russell Drive in Wollaton, began in 2019 and residents began to move into the new properties around a year later.

Housebuilder Avant Homes was behind the scheme.

However, as of January 2023, some pavements outside completed homes in the development have been left unfinished.

Residents and councillors say both pavements and roads are in a potentially dangerous state, and the housebuilder promised to begin work within weeks after concerns were raised as early as February last year.

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Cllr Steve Battlemuch (Lab), who represents Wollaton West said:

“I still find it incredible that people moved in in 2019,” he said.

“Certainly I think all houses were built, sold or occupied from some time in 2020.

“Here we are in 2023, while all the pavements are left in an appalling condition.

“Avant Homes is one of those companies which is getting a lot of contracts, applying for contracts left, right and centre, but this is very, very poor.

“Residents deserve better.”

Avant Homes now says work is expected to be completed by April 2023.

An Avant Homes spokeswoman added: “Our contractors have conducted a thorough review across the development and will ensure the footpaths are secure for all residents.

“Work is making progress across the development and there is a detailed programme of phased activity being undertaken by our contractors which we expect to be completed in April.”

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