Saturday 27 November 2021
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Nottingham Independents choose Clifton North by-election candidate

The Nottingham Independents have selected Kevin Clarke as their candidate to the Clifton North by-election on September 27.

This is the first election contested by the new Nottingham Independents, a local independent party founded on the model of the different independents groups already active in the county where they have several elected councillors. The Nottingham Independents plan to present candidates in every Nottingham City’s ward at the next council elections in May.


As a truly Independent party the Nottingham Independents are not related to any National political party, and its members come from all political backgrounds including people active in the local communities but without any previous involvement with politics.


Kevin Clarke is a Nottingham born lad that lived and worked in the ward for the past 40 years since leaving the Armed Forces. He was born in the Meadows area in the 1950’s, educated at Trent Bridge Secondary School before joining the Army in the 1970, serving in West Germany and Northern Ireland and eventually moving to Clifton in 1976, where he resides in the Silverdale area and runs a business in Clifton.

Kevin is deeply involved with the local community, where his business is known to support several local charitable initiatives and for the colourful displays at Christmas/Remembrance Day/St George.


As this by-election has been caused by the resignation of former Labour councillor Pat Ferguson, and will elect a councillor for only 6 months, Kevin has taken the unusual step to give back to the community the cost of this election, by pledging that all the allowances for the period (over £6000) will be given to local charities and initiatives for improving Clifton, Wilford and Silverdale.