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Nottingham man guilty of brutal murder of ex-partner

A man who killed his ex-partner in a vicious knife attack has been found guilty of her murder.

Matthew Farmer, of HMP Nottingham, was found crouching over Stacey Clay, at her home address in Andover Road, Bestwood, on 19 May 2021, as he brutally attacked her.

Farmer, 42, hid inside Stacey’s back garden before jumping out on her and stabbing her with a knife.

Stacey Clay photo
Stacey Clay

He has now been found guilty of her murder with the jury taking less than 30 minutes to decide.

Having pushed Stacey to the floor Farmer continued his attack and strangled her so she could no longer breathe.

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Officers attended the address within a matter of minutes after receiving a call from Stacey’s neighbour after they were woken to what her neighbour believed were the sound of dogs fighting.

After receiving the 999 call two officers ran to the back garden and tasered Farmer who continued to crouch over Stacey.

The 42-year-old had pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and his six-day trial concluded today (20 January) with the 12 person jury finding him guilty of murder.

Farmer is now due to be sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court tomorrow morning.

After receiving the 999 call uniformed and firearms officers swarmed the address. They swiftly arrested Farmer and gave urgent medical care to Stacey before other emergency services arrived.

Police body camera footage captured by the first officer on the scene showed Farmer with his back turned towards the alleyway ignoring the officer’s call for him to leave Stacey alone and get off her.

Matthew Famer knife 2

Stacey, a mother-of-four, sadly died two weeks later in hospital from her injuries.

Detective Inspector Rebecca Hodgman, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Stacey’s murder was brutal and horrific and our thoughts remain with her family, children and friends who have lost their mother, daughter and friend.

“Stacey was a much-loved mother who had ended a relationship with Farmer and was hoping to move on with her life.

“The vicious attack that took place on 19 May left her with horrific injuries and she sadly died two weeks later in hospital.

Matthew Famer knife 3

“We have worked incredibly hard to bring together all of the evidence and have worked closely with other teams throughout the force to bring Farmer to justice for his actions on that morning in May.

“We welcome the jury’s outcome of this trial in finding Farmer guilty of Stacey’s murder.

“I hope it can now bring Stacey’s family some degree of comfort knowing that Farmer will be behind bars for her murder. On behalf of Nottinghamshire Police I would like to once again issue our sincere condolences to Stacey’s family and friends on their loss.”

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