Nottingham man jailed for multiple house burglaries

Nottingham Crown Court

Christian Lawson, 39, formally of Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham, was sentenced to four years and eight months in jail today (29 August) after pleading guilty to multiple burglaries at Nottingham Crown Court. 

Lawson was linked to five different burglaries that happened throughout July:

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7 July, Nuthall Road – Lawson had forced his way through a kitchen window and stole jewellery worth over £20,000. CCTV showed him entering the driveway empty handed and then leaving with a rather full looking bag.

11 July, Canning Terrace – A palm print linked Lawson to this incident where a number of electrical items were stolen.· 15 July, Nuthall Road – For this incident, CCTV also helped link Lawson to the crime after a laptop and a number of watches were stolen. The items were recovered in a carrier bag which he was seen carrying.

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15 July, Alfreton Road – A woman confronted Lawson in her bathroom after he had climbed up the drain pipe. He then escaped out of a back window. ·

15 July, Alfreton Road – A quick thinking 16-year-old boy spotted a man jumping over a neighbour’s fence and alerted his Dad. When officers arrived, they saw Lawson go into a nearby house. They knocked on the door and Lawson answered, before escaping out of a back door. He jumped hedges and entered another house where the occupant was sleeping. He was found hiding in a kitchen cupboard by officers.

DC Charlotte Rolling said: “The sentence imposed on Lawson today reflects the number of burglaries he committed within an 8 day period. I hope it sends a clear message that this type of crime spree will not be tolerated in Nottinghamshire.

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“Entering someone’s home with the intent to steal has long lasting effects on a victim’s emotional well-being, regardless of whether or not anything was taken. When a home is invaded it is not only an invasion of someone’s privacy, but also their place of safety. We never lose sight of this impact and treat these cases very seriously.

“I hope that a prolific offender like Lawson being behind bars will offer some reassurance to his victims and to the community of Nottingham.”