A Nottingham man who subjected a woman to a five hour attack has been jailed for three years and nine months.

Nottingham Crown Court

David Lloyd Williams, 44, formerly of Perry Road, Nottingham, pleaded guilty to GBH and ABH when he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court yesterday (18 July 2017).

Arming himself with knives, Williams waited for the victim to return to where she was temporarily staying at about 12.30am on 18 January 2017. He punched and hit her with a metal pole a number of times. During the five hour ordeal he also stabbed her twice in the leg.

The victim managed to get to an upstairs bedroom and escape out of a first floor window before running to a neighbour’s house, shouting for help. Officers arrived at the scene and found Williams at the house where he carried out the attack.

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Williams pleaded guilty to ABH and GBH and was sentenced to a 45-month prison sentence for GBH, with a one-year sentence for ABH to run concurrently.

Speaking after sentencing, DC Finbow, of Nottinghamshire Police, said:

“Williams is clearly a very violent man and the fact that he maintained this level of violence for over five hours, just proves how deserving he is of this sentence.

“I would like to thank the neighbours for helping the victim in the early hours on the day of the attack. The severity of her injuries were such that I believe that if she hadn’t escaped when she did, we could have been dealing with a very different court case.”

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