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Nottingham mum speaks of pain at ‘monster’ who brutally killed beloved daughter Stacey Clay

The mother of murdered Stacey Clay has spoken of her family’s utter heartbreak and pain after her daughter was viciously killed by her ex-partner.

Stacey was brutally murdered on 19 May 2021, by her ex-partner of 15 years Matthew Farmer at her home in Andover Road, Bestwood.

Farmer, 42, was jailed for life on Friday (21 January) and will serve a minimum of 29 years after being found guilty of murdering the mother-of-four.

Her family has spoken out in a statement describing him as a ‘monster, manipulator and a nasty man’.

Stacey’s mother Carol York said: “There are no words and those I have are not deserved by the monster that took her life.

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“I do not want to waste any more time with him.

“However, sadly Stacey does not have a voice so I have tried to explain the best I can for the court and the jury to understand just what she meant to those that loved her.

“Stacey had so much to live for. She was searching for an easy life, being free to think for herself.

“She was never given that chance. She met someone that could manipulate and control her, a nasty man, but sadly she couldn’t see that.

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“She loved her children and she will miss their important years and events, birthdays, Christmas, proms, getting married, having children of their own and she will never be a granny.

“She will never be able to see how their own lives turned out.

“He took all that away from her and also them all because he needed control because he wanted him, him, him.

“Stacey couldn’t go to work, go out with friends, attend family gatherings, not allowed to lose weight even.

“He took it all away.

“Just like he took her life on that Wednesday morning knowing if he couldn’t have her then nobody will.”

Officers attended the address within a matter of minutes after receiving a call from Stacey’s neighbour after they were woken to what her neighbour believed were the sound of dogs fighting.

After receiving the 999 call, two officers ran straight to the back garden and Tasered Farmer who was found crouched over Stacey.

During the victim impact statement, read aloud to court, Carol explained how Stacey had tried to break free from his control.

Carol added: “In her last few days Stacey had found herself and realised she had finally had enough of you, I won’t even say your name.

“Your children will live with what you have done for the rest of their days but there is hope for them yet because you will not be around to control them and they will have the choice to become kind human beings that their mother gave birth to.

“In the end she chose to have a better life without the misery and torment you put upon them.

“She was being strong and knowing you took it all away from her and the children.

“As her mother I gave birth to her and she was the only one to listen to my heartbeat for nine months.

“We shall all have memories but she deserved so much more and so does all of her family.

“You took that away from us on that Wednesday morning, whilst looking at the face of the mother of your children and the person you were supposed to love.

“I have no more words to waste on you.

“You deserve nothing.”

Detective Inspector Rebecca Hodgman, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Our thoughts remain with Stacey’s family, friends and her children.

“Her family has had to deal with Farmer pleading not guilty and go through the pain of hearing everything that happened to their daughter and friend on that fateful day.

“I hope Farmer’s sentence and knowing he will spend at least the next 29 years behind bars will provide a degree of comfort to them and hopefully they can try to begin to rebuild their lives.”

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