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Nottingham musician releases song to send you off to sleep


Most people want to make an impression when they release a new record, but one local musician is attempting to do the opposite, releasing a 20-minute piece of music that is specifically designed to leave you in a slumber.

Send Me to Sleep (A Song to Fall Asleep To) was composed by local musician Alistair Webster with the intention of helping listeners relax, and drift off into a sound sleep each night. The lengthy track features soft electronic melodies and gentle rhythms, and has been sound designed to create a relaxed atmosphere, and give the mind a hook to latch onto while attempting to sleep.

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Featuring a mesh of interplaying synthesised melodies, it contains audio of real breaths, and gradually fades away into wave-like washes of white noise.

Alistair Webster, 28, of Nottingham had the idea to create the song while lying awake, unable to drift off one night.

He said: “I know lots of people struggle to get off to sleep at night, and often the harder you try, the harder it becomes. I struggle to sleep occasionally and on these occasions I’ve tried listening to everything from podcasts, white noise and music – nothing has been as effective as this piece of music in helping me drift off.

“One night I was lying awake and realised it would be great if there was a piece of music that you could put on, and it would effectively guide you to sleep.

“The song was created based on research into sleep studies, which suggested it needed to be interesting enough to distract the mind, while also being hypnotic and dreamy enough to allow you to quickly lose focus and relax.”

The song has been released though GBM Music, a Nottingham record label that specialises in music designed to achieve a specific result, such as guiding the listener through a run, or improving focus.

Send Me to Sleep (A Song to Fall Asleep To) is available to download from today for £3 from Bandcamp: https://gbmmusicuk.bandcamp.com/


GBM Music is a unique Nottingham record label, which creates and releases instrumental music that is designed to be enjoyed as background music, enhancing the listener’s concentration and focus while completing other tasks. They believe in harnessing the motivating power of music – and specifically electronic music – to help listeners achieve tasks – from running to studying and even sleeping.


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