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New Nottingham People’s Vote group calls for public vote on final Brexit deal


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Campaigners have launched a Nottingham and Nottinghamshire branch of the People’s Vote campaign – calling for a public vote on the proposals for the final Brexit deal.

Following a well-attended inaugural meeting, members are now urging others to get involved if they would also like to see a public vote on the details of such an important issue.

The new group has been spearheaded by Susan Martin, who felt passionately that the public should have a say on the final deal.

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“I’ve never been involved in grassroots activism before, but I feel so strongly that the people should have a vote on the final Brexit deal between the UK and the European Union, now that there is so much more information available to the public and now that we know what is involved,” said Susan, who lives in Rushcliffe.

“I couldn’t sit back any longer, and after meeting members of the People’s Vote team in London on the People’s Vote march in June, I felt I had to do something. It was really heartening to see so many others in Nottinghamshire who felt the same as I did and who turned out for our inaugural meeting.”

The People’s Vote UK is running a national petition, which has already attracted more than a quarter of a million signatures.

“We’d welcome anyone who would like to get involved locally,” said Susan. “There are numerous opportunities to help, including canvassing, lobbying and running street stalls.

The stalls will also have Brexitometers, which have been staged in various areas of the country already and provide a very visual image of the current views of the public on the issue of Brexit and how it is being handled by the Government.”

A website and Twitter account for the Nottingham People’s Vote have been set up and can be found at https://nottinghampeoplesvote.wordpress.com/ and on Twitter at @NottPeoplesVote

The People’s Vote campaign seeks to ensure that the government’s Brexit deal is put before the country in a public vote so that the people can decide if a decision that will affect lives for generations makes the country better or worse off.

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