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Nottingham plane crash: First pictures from the scene


A light aircraft crashed at Nottingham City Airport ( Tollerton ) at around 10:15 am today ( 30th January )

The aircraft, a 1974 built Grumman AA-5 is at rest on airport land just beyond the helicopter hangars at the airport.

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It had flown more than 3,000 hours as at August 2018 according to Civil Aviation Authority records.

A fixed-wing land plane, the AA-5 is licensed for normal and utility purposes, it’s a single-propeller aircraft.

Part of the wing and tailplane appear to be missing in the images taken today. The wheels have been ripped apart from the undercarriage.

Tollerton is a general aviation and training airport.

The airport has remained open today.

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Nottinghamshire police said:

‘Nottinghamshire Police was called to assist at the scene of a light aircraft crash at Nottingham Airport, Tollerton, just before 10:15am today (Wednesday 20 January).

Two people were injured in the crash but their injuries are not believed to be life threatening or altering.

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East Midlands Ambulance Sevice and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service were also called to the incident, which will be investigated by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch.’

The airport has declined to comment at this stage.

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