Sunday 25 February 2024
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Nottingham pupils discuss life experiences with launch of new podcast

Pupils at a school in Bilborough have started their own podcasts articulating their experiences in modern Britain.

The youngsters from Nottingham University Samworth Academy – which is part of Nova Education Trust – have been at the forefront of the project since its inception and every aspect to it is all their own work.

The podcast team designed the format for their broadcasts and created their own special logo.

One of the school’s aims is to “close every type of divide” and the pupils are very passionate about the matters they discuss on the podcast.

They talk with enthusiasm about Black Lives Matter, discussing how it originated and what it means to them, as well as documenting their experiences of living in Nottingham.

Nottingham University Samworth Academy Head of School, Emma Howard, said: “I am so proud of the podcast that our students have put together.

“From its inception as an idea to the end product, they have been fully invested in creating a podcast which is aimed at expressing their viewpoints on current issues.

“It is important for us to hear the voices of our students and understand how we can contribute as a school to ensuring that diversity is embraced by all of us.”

The pupils have loved being involved in the podcast and discussing the important matters on their broadcast.

James Nadin said: “I’m grateful that I’m able to voice my opinion on such a topic that isn’t as widely spoken about as it should be.”

Rafaella Caetano added: “I’m proud to be black. Being part of the broadcast is something I really enjoy.”

The podcast is available on online on the Open Spotify website – search for ‘Amazing NUSA’.

You can follow more updates about Nottingham University Samworth Academy and the podcast on Twitter at @OfficialNUSA.