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Nottingham Stands With Hong Kong event in the city centre

A community organisation, Nottingham Stands With Hong Kong held an event in Old Market Square on Friday 10 June.


Nottingham Stands With Hong Kong, a local community organization, is delighted to announce the resounding success of their event, “The Forgotten Ones 那些被遺忘的人,” held on June 10th, 2023, at Old Market Square.

Despite the scorching heat, an impressive turnout of 400 individuals showed their support and solidarity for persecuted individuals in mainland China.

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Organisers said:

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“The Forgotten Ones 那些被遺忘的人” was organized to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the June 12th movement (612) and shed light on the plight of persecuted individuals under the oppressive rule of the Chinese Communist Party.

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“The event featured the display of 100 profiles showcasing the stories and experiences of those who have suffered persecution at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.

“Nottingham Stands With Hong Kong aimed to raise awareness and expose the dark reality of these human rights abuses to the local community.

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The event holds significant meaning in the context of the Hong Kong democracy movement that began in 2019.

In that year, Hongkongers took to the streets in massive demonstrations to protect their freedoms, autonomy, and the rule of law.

The movement sought to oppose the proposed extradition bill, which would have allowed the extradition of individuals to mainland China, where they would face an unfair legal system and potential persecution.

The protests evolved into a broader fight for democracy and human rights, encapsulating the spirit of the Hong Kong people’s unwavering resilience and their pursuit of freedom.


Participants at “The Forgotten Ones 那些被遺忘的人” joined hands to remember and support the individuals who continue to face persecution due to their beliefs, activism, or dissenting voices against the Chinese Communist Party. Nottingham Stands With Hong Kong provided a platform to share the stories of these individuals, giving them a voice and amplifying their struggles.


The event’s program commenced with the arrangement of Hongkongers according to the volunteers’ instructions at 2:00 PM.

The program included speeches by the MC, esteemed guest speakers, and the display of the 100 profiles of persecuted individuals by Hongkongers. The event concluded with closing speeches by the MC and the playing of the anthem.


Nottingham Stands With Hong Kong was honoured to have esteemed guest speakers in attendance, including:


The Mayor of Broxtowe Borough Council – Councillor Teresa Cullen

Councillor Will Mee

Bonham Tree Aid Member

Councillor MacRae Richard

Their presence and words of support added tremendous value to the event, emphasizing the significance of standing together against human rights abuses.


Nottingham Stands With Hong Kong would like to extend its sincere gratitude to everyone who attended the event, demonstrating their unwavering support for persecuted individuals. The successful turnout and engagement reflect the solidarity and determination of the community in championing freedom, democracy, and human rights.

For further information and inquiries about Nottingham Stands With Hong Kong and its initiatives, please contact them via email at or visit their Instagram page @nottsstandwithhk.

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