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Nottingham students warned to secure homes to prevent burglary

Students could jeopardise years of university work if they don’t take simple steps to protect their homes from burglars.

Nottinghamshire Police is warning students to lock their front doors and windows to stop burglars striking at the start of the new term.

In the past, students have lost coursework and dissertations saved on laptops and computers after burglars have raided their homes.

More than 40 per cent of burglaries happen due to unsecure properties such as unlocked front doors and open windows.

Most burglaries happen in Radford, Lenton and the Arboretum, with hotspot locations identified as the streets off Derby Road and the Lenton Triangle.

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Nottinghamshire Police was one of the first forces in the country to have a dedicated city and county burglary team.

Burglary has fallen dramatically in most areas of the city but there are concerns it could rise again if students do not take precautions.

Detective Inspector Chris Berryman, who leads both the city burglary and robbery team, said: “Burglary reduced significantly during the Covid pandemic as more people worked and stayed at home.

“But I am concerned there might be a rise when the students come back.

“A lot of students are 18 to 20-years-old and not really had any personal responsibility before.

“They are moving into inner city Nottingham, where we have higher rates of crime, due to a small minority of people with alcohol and drug issues, who commit crimes such as burglary and robbery to feed their habits. Unfortunately, students become easy targets.

“If burglars steal from five rooms in a student house, that is potentially five laptops and five phones and that is classed as five burglaries.

“We know students who have lost two years of work and their dissertations because their laptops have been stolen. That work is irreplaceable and can jeopardise their university course.

“Some of these properties have ground floor windows which face onto the street. It is an easy access and getaway for burglars if these windows are left open.”

“However, the good news is most of these burglaries can be avoided. Lock your doors and windows and your rooms when leaving the house.

Between August 2021 to August 2022, there were 794 burglary offences recorded across the city – 318 were in Nottingham Central.

However, most areas have seen a dramatic reduction in burglary over the last year – Nottingham Central (dropped by 42 percent), City North (38 percent), City South (61 percent), City West (54 percent).

The only rise has been in the city centre by 16 percent, with 69 offences recorded.

DI Berryman said: “Here in Nottingham we will do everything we can to lock up burglars. No one should have their personal and safe space invaded and ransacked by strangers.

“We have a dedicated team of detectives here in Nottingham who will work around the clock to find those who commit these crimes.

“But burglary can be avoided with just simple steps such as keeping front doors locked and windows closed.

“If everyone took these steps it would be extremely difficult for burglars to operate here in Nottingham.

“We want the new and existing students of Nottingham to enjoy the new term and everything our city has to offer, not to have it spoilt by falling victim to a burglary.”

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