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Nottingham surgeon backs Breast Awareness campaign


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It is time that more women got to ‘know their breasts’ say medical experts as campaign groups and charities throughout the UK prepare to support Breast Awareness Month.

Figures from Cancer Research UK (CRUK) show that one in eight women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer – that amounts to around 60,000 cases every year.

Although increased awareness, along with better screening and constantly improving treatments, are continuing to improve survival chances women are also being told the way to even better figures could be in their own hands!

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“Without any doubt early detection means better treatment results. That means we need to ensure that every woman knows how to carry out effective self-check procedures and, just as importantly, what to do if she thinks something is wrong,” said Mr Kristjan Asgeirsson a Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon at Spire Nottingham Hospital in Tollerton.

“We need to ensure that every woman gets to really know her breasts. If they know what feels normal they will be in a much better position to notice and changes.”

Figures from CRUK show that around 8 out of 10 women survive their disease for ten years or more, compared with 4 out of 10 back in the 1970s. Figures for surviving for five years or more are even higher at almost nine out of ten – 87%.

“These are impressive figures and shows we are making good progress,” said Mr Asgeirsson but the hard facts are that there are still around 12,000 UK women dying of breast cancer every year.

“Although finding a lump in your breast does not always signify breast cancer it should mean that the woman acts quickly to get an early appointment with a GP to discuss the matter. They will then receive informed advice and, if necessary, be placed on the proper healthcare pathway so they will receive the necessary advice, help and treatments.”

For more information on how to carry out self-checks visit:

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