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Nottingham Tamil Kuzhumam Pongal celebration event in West Bridgford

Nottingham Tamil Kuzhumam (NTK), a registered charity (RCN 1205049) established in 2018, has been dedicated to promoting Tamil culture and heritage through cultural events and classes.

Tamil is a language spoken in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and traditions, within the diverse tapestry of the country, India.

With a mission to increase public knowledge, awareness, and understanding of Tamil language, history, culture, values, and traditions, NTK has successfully organized 11 events since its inception.

The most recent event, the Pongal celebration organized by NTK on January 21st (Sunday) at The Becket School in West Bridgford – witnessed the participation of 250 people from various areas, including West Bridgford, Arnold, Meadows, Beeston, Mapperley, Sherwood, Radford, Wollaton, Stapleford, Grantham, Birmingham and more.

Pongal, a significant harvest festival in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is a time-honoured tradition dedicated to expressing gratitude to the sun god for a bountiful harvest. This festival, which typically takes place in mid-January, marks the beginning of the Tamil month of Thai.

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The event was a vibrant showcase of traditional attire and decorations, commencing with a delightful lunch and featuring a live Pongal ceremony accompanied by the decoration of colourful kolam (rangoli). Despite challenging weather conditions, the live Pongal ceremony was conducted with enthusiasm and fervour, showcasing the resilience and spirit of our community.

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Adding a playful and competitive element to the Pongal celebrations, everyone participated in the Uriyadi game. Blindfolded participants attempted to break a pot filled with flowers, creating a joyous and festive ambience. The festivities continued with a Pattimandram, a popular form of debate or discourse conducted in Tamil. Serving as both entertainment and a platform for intellectual exchange, the Pattimandram allowed the audience to engage with thought-provoking ideas while revelling in the festive atmosphere.

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The overall feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, with smiling faces and expressions of enjoyment echoing throughout the event. NTK appreciates the dedication of all participants who braved the elements to make the event a success. NTK remains committed to fostering cultural enrichment and community engagement, and we look forward to continuing our efforts in promoting and celebrating Tamil culture in Nottingham.

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