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Nottingham traffic: 5:15 pm 14 Feb | A52 and city bus delays and diversions


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Highways England have re-opened one lane on Clifton Bridge towards Clifton, which will ease some of the congestion. The slip road from Queens Drive remains closed.

5:15 pm There are delays on Navy 3, 48; Green Line; Lilac 25, 26; Pink 28; Orange 35, 36; Blue 39, 41; Grey 53; Lime 56, 58, 59; Yellow Line, Turquoise Line and Purple Line due to congestion along these routes.

4 pm 14 February There are severe delays on Orange 35, Yellow 70/71 and Turquoise 79/A because of roadworks at Cinderhill.
Brown 15-17 and Yellow 68-71 are delayed because of Sherwood Rs works
Navy 48 and Grey 53/54 are delayed by lane closures and congestion on Clifton Bridge.
There are also delays on Green line due to increased traffic along their route.

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4:45 pm 14th February

Delays are still expected across all services over the next few weeks, especially on Navy, Green, Pink, Orange and Grey Lines.

– Navy 48/X towards Clifton are now serving all stops through The Meadows and Queens Drive as normal. At Clifton Bridge, buses will U-turn at Clifton Bridge North and then turn left onto Lenton Lane, using the slip road back onto Clifton Bridge and onto Silverdale.
– Navy 49/A/X towards City are normal route to Queens Drive/Crossgate Drive then diverting via Meadows Way West to Arkwright Street and not serving NG2, the old Homebase stop, Portland Business Park or Waterway Street stops. Buses will use temporary stops and the tram stops along Meadows Way. This is due to the closure of Crocus Street.
– Grey 53, 54 towards Clifton will continue on the Ring Road and no longer divert via Trent Bridge, but is unable to serve the Clifton Bridge North stop
Thank you for your patience and understanding during this period – our drivers will do their best to get through the congestion and queues.

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