Tuesday 5 March 2024
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Nottingham tram track replacement completed on schedule as full service resumes

Replacement track works at Fletcher Gate have been completed.

NET says it has reopened the tram tracks on the bend near Fletcher Gate after replacement works finished today 11 May.

NET said:

‘Lace Market track works have been completed and we are running through to all destinations.’

The work, which affected tram services and some bus routes, was originally planned to take place this summer but has been brought forward so they can be completed when fewer people are using the tram services, to minimise disruption to passengers, businesses and visitors to the city centre.

Track at the corner of Fletcher Gate and Victoria Street – believed to be one of the sharpest bends on a UK tram system – has been replaced to ensure tram services can continue to be provided safely and reliably.

The tracks for the first line of the tram network were laid over 17 years ago, with services running on them since March 2004. Track replacement is a standard part of tram network maintenance, and some other older sections of the system have already been replaced.