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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Nottingham-wide appeal to tackle food bank shortages


One of the new initiatives is to support food banks in and around within a five miles radius of West Bridgford.

There are currently 5 key volunteers who are responsible for collecting donations for their respective food banks – Clifton Ng11, The Meadows, The Friary in West Bridgford, Sneinton and Grace Church at Castle Boulevard.

The food shortages are as follows:

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NG11 FOOD BANK- Clifton, Hope Church and St Francis’ Church, Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham, NG11 8JX
Food shortage
• Small jars of coffee
• Tinned tomatoes
• Sugar
• Tinned fruit
• All toiletries
They help people from all areas and if someone does not have a good voucher, they can call them up and speak to them or go online to http://cliftonng11.foodbank.org.uk

The Friary– 46, Musters Road, West Bridgford, NG2 7PR.
Food shortage
• Sugar
• Dried Milk powder
• Tea
• Coffee
• Cereal Bars
• Non perishable food items

Meadows food bank– Bridgeway Centre,Meadows,Nottingham,NG2 2JD.

Delivery address: Arkwright Walk North. NG2 2HN, next to Crocus Fields Children’s Centre.
Food bank times – Friday 10 to 12 pm
Contact person – Hope Nottingham.
Food shortage
• Longlife milk
• Small packets of sugar
• Tins of meat and fish
• Toilet paper

Ng7 Grace Church –1, Castle Boulevard, NG7 1FT struggling to fill shelves
Food shortage
• Pasta
• Rice
• Tinned food
• Long life milk
• Cereal
• Shampoo, gels
• Baby milk
• Nappies
• Toilet paper
• Soap, hand gel, hand wash, hand sanitizer

Hope Nottingham covering Sneinton, Carlton, Gedling, Netherfield, Alfreton, Bilborough, Broxtowe, Wollaton, Aspley, Stapleford,Chilwell, Bilborough and Meadows.
Sneinton area is currently struggling for food supplies and any non perishable items will be welcome.
Food shortage
• Tined fruit
• Tinned vegetables
• Long life fruit juice
• Bottles of dilute squash
• Tinned rice pudding
• Bags of sugar
• Tinned potatoes
• Instant mash potatoes

For anyone who wants to donate, can join the West Bridgford Community Helpers Facebook group or email hkp117@gmail.com.

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