Nottingham’s Emmanuel House charity celebrate their 40th Anniversary

Established in 1976, this year marks the 40th anniversary for Emmanuel House, a charity that works to support the homeless and vulnerable people of Nottingham.

On Thursday 19 October, they held an incredible fundraising gala ball to celebrate their many achievements.

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The evening included live music performed by The Burgundys, a lavish 3-course dinner, an auction, a roving magician, a photo-booth and other entertainment.

Denis Tully, CEO of Emmanuel House, said: “This is a very special occasion for us as it marks our 40th Anniversary of helping the homeless in Nottingham.

“It’s fantastic that so many people have turned out tonight, so I’m very hopeful that we will raise a lot of money for the charity through all the entertainment we have planned this evening.”

Emmanuel House

Emmanuel House has a long history of providing support, advice and safety to meet the needs of individuals, to help improve their situations.

Josie Forde, from Beeston, Nottingham, volunteered for 30 years at Emmanuel House. She said: “This Ball marks the 40th anniversary for Emmanuel House, as I’ve worked there for pretty much most of that time, it is a very special occasion.

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“Emmanuel House is so important for the homeless, for some people they would rather stay there than go back to their own homes.

“I worked in the kitchen for 10 years and then I managed the charity shop for another 20 years.

“The charity shop is a good source of income as I feel that there’s a lot of empathy when it comes to homelessness, we get a lot of very nice donated clothing in our shop compared to many other charity shops.

“I was there for 30 years and my daughter Ruth volunteered in the charity shop when she was 15, so Emmanuel House has been in our lives for a very long time.”

Emmanuel House

Richard Hammond, from Nottingham, works for Rothera Sharp, a legal firm that has worked alongside Emmanuel House over the years.

He said: “Emmanuel House has enabled me to give something back into the city, as I’ve lived in Nottingham since 1988.

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“I work at a firm called Rothera Sharp, and we’ve worked alongside Emmanuel House for years, so this is a very special event for both of us.”

Monique Burgess, from Nottingham, has been a volunteer on-and-off for Emmanuel House over the past few years.

She said: “Emmanuel House is important to me because they help the homeless and empower them.

“They give them a helping hand in life.”

Tom Foley, from Southall, hopes this gala ball will improve awareness of homelessness in other communities.

He said: “Well I think homelessness and deprivation are very important issues which need to be talked about more, so that more people are aware of these serious problems in their own communities.

“I do try to support Emmanuel House as their work over the past 40 years has really made a difference to so many peoples’ lives.”

Emmanuel House

If you’d like to donate to Emmanuel House please visit the donation page on their website at: