A self-guided audio/video walking trail of Nottingham accessible by smartphone and tablet devices has been launched today. The first of its kind for the city.


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The Trail features audio, video and images to share the story of Nottingham’s best-loved landmarks and their fascinating facts.

Walk a fun trail around some Nottingham’s most iconic landmarks. The tour will take just 2 to 3 hours to walk and will introduce you to some of the most notorious, fun, and fascinating parts of Nottingham City Centre.

Expect to see castles, caves, pubs and prisons – mirrors and masterpieces.

It is the first-ever self-guided walking trail to incorporate all of the leading tourist locations and attractions in the city in one guide.

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There are 16 points of interest on the 2.3km route.


It has been created by Experience Nottinghamshire, a division of Marketing Nottingham & Nottinghamshire, in partnership with Nottingham City Council, and is available via this GuidiGo iOS and Android app or online at wwwGuidiGO.com