Nottingham’s Griddle & Shake closes down

Nottingham burger restaurant Griddle & Shake has closed down just seven months since opening.

Owner Ed Halls had planned to make the avenue successful by offering  a new wave of burgers and ice cream shakes when the venue opened in November 2016.

Despite putting his heart and soul into the project the dream did not turn into the reality at the 130-seater restaurant in Nottingham’s Fletcher Gate.

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Ed, whose concept was to serve top quality burgers fast, said the decision to close had been taken after “much thought and careful deliberation.”

Soon after opening, Griddle & Shake introduced an all-you-can-eat deal on Mondays and Tuesdays in an effort to attract more customers.

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Then Ed launched a £30,000 crowdfunding appeal to expand the kitchen and improve the  heating system,  the appeal closed after 42 days having raised just over £1,700.



  1. It was in the wrong location and crowded out. It also had a very low profile compared to Five Guys and others in the area.
    Expensive burgers are an aspirational product for young people but the shop front did not convey this.
    130 seater was far too big – this is food for people who are quick in and out. Competitors never take such a big space.
    Ironically it is far better for it to be too small and look packed creating demand, than plenty of room and looking empty.
    It was not a problem of food but of market understanding, too much cost and marketing.

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