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Nottingham’s Lime e-bikes travelled 120,000 miles since launch

Nottingham City Council’s Lime e-bike hire scheme has become very popular with residents.

You’ll likely have seen the Lime e-bikes out on the streets of Nottingham which offer residents and visitors a sustainable travel option to get around the city.

There have now been more than 100,000 Lime e-bike rides in Nottingham since launching last April, and riders have cycled more than 120,000 miles in that time.

The scheme was launched in the city in April 2023.

Users can pick up and return Lime e-bikes from a network of designated e-bike-hire bays within the operating boundary.

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Since July last year, Lime e-bikes can be used in Clifton and Wilford as the scheme expanded to the south of the river.

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150 e-bikes were added as part of the expansion.

Some features of the e-bikes include:

  • Built-in front and rear lights – with rear lights that indicate when users brake
  • An electric motor to help riders climb hills and restart their ride when stopped/stationary at traffic lights or zebra crossings
  • A phone holder, allowing riders to easily navigate without having to stop and check directions
  • Built-in baskets to help people carry shopping or bags
  • A range of 64km with batteries monitored by Lime so they can be charged when they run low
How to hire a bike

You can hire e-bikes through the Lime app which is available on the Apple app store or the Google Play store.

Lime e-bikes

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