A coffee prodigy and a Michelin-trained chef have teamed up to Nottingham an exciting new coffee shop in the heart of the city – with its own roastery on site! The shop opened today and we went to taste the latte…


Alex-Bitsios-Esposito knows a thing or two about coffee. Already one of the best-qualified experts in the Midlands, attaining the prestigious and highly sort after ‘Q’ grading qualification, Alex has grown up around coffee. Although still only in his mid -twenties, Alex had a very early start knowing what makes the perfect cup.

Low Pavement Nottingham
Low Pavement Nottingham
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At the age of nine, his mother opened the much loved Bean coffee shop in Beeston. An instant hit, it still is hugely popular, setting the standard for coffee in a town that loves its espresso, its Americano, its flat white.

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Alex grew up watching baristas being trained, seeing how coffee went from bean to cup, and getting an in-depth understanding of how coffee works. He’s devoted his life to the pursuit of the perfect cup.

L-R Jacob, Oliver, Siphie and Alex at Cartwheel
L-R Jacob, Oliver, Sophie and Alex at Cartwheel

Now, his knowledge and skills are to be put to good use as he opens a coffee shop on Nottingham’s busy Low Pavement. While you can be guaranteed a sublime cup of your favourite brew, Alex has not skimped on other areas.

Some of the cakes and breads
Sophie selects from some of the cakes and breads

Understanding that food and coffee make great partners, he’s enlisted the immense talent of Michelin-trained chef to provide a full table / takeaway service for fans of gourmet food. Locally sourced produce will be used to conjure up an imaginative mouth-watering menu to cater for all tastes; breakfast, brunch and lunch.

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Today's first customers were delighted with the ambiance!
Today’s first customers were delighted with the ambiance!

Alex says: “It’s wonderful seeing a long term vision become reality. It’s been hard work, but I’m delighted we’ve managed to put together a place where great coffee, excellent food and brilliant service come together under the same roof. We will be roasting our beans on site, in full view of the customers – you”

The Wire's motto emblazoned on the entrance floor
The Wire’s motto emblazoned on the entrance floor




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