Nottinghamshire County Council gets £2.1m grant to improve A634 Maltby – Blyth

County Hall West Bridgford

Jesse Norman MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department for Transport announces local authorities that have successfully won grants for road safety initiatives.

Award: A634 Maltby – Blyth Nottinghamshire County Council £2,181,000 2017/18

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Mr Norman said:

‘This is good progress. But it is only part of a wider picture.

‘First, I am pleased today to announce the successful bids for the Safer Roads Fund, which we made available to enable local authorities to improve the 50 most dangerous stretches of ‘A’ roads in England. We are investing £100 million to tackle these dangerous roads. This sum fully funds all bids from the local authorities concerned. The additional £75 million initially allocated for the work has not been required, but we will continue to look closely at further scope for capital improvements to improve road safety.’

‘This package of measures underlines the government’s recognition of the importance of road safety. But, thirdly, we intend to go further still, and I have asked the department to develop a refreshed road safety statement and a 2 year action plan to address 4 priority user groups – young people, rural road users, motorcyclists and older vulnerable users.

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The first 3 of these groups are continually overrepresented in our road casualty statistics, while we have data to confirm that the safety of older road users is a growing concern. Our goal is for everyone to continue to enjoy the mobility that driving offers, but to do so safely. The development of this refreshed road safety statement will also take account of the early lessons from the new road collision investigation pilots.’

Other East Midlands awards were:

A619 Bakewell -Baslow – Derbyshire County Council £1,179,000 2018/19
A5012 A515 – A6 Cromford – Derbyshire County Council £3,079,000 2020/21
A5004 Buxton – Whaley – Derbyshire County Council £2,540,000 2020/21