Wednesday 22 May 2024
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Nottinghamshire couple prosecuted for breeding and selling dogs without licence

A couple from Arnold have been prosecuted by Gedling Borough Council at Nottingham Magistrates Court for breeding and selling dogs without a licence.

By law, individuals who breed three or more litters within a 12-month period or engage in dog breeding for business purposes must obtain the necessary licence.

Licences are issued by the council and ensure that the breeders act responsibly and within the law, as well as protecting customer’s rights and the safety of the animals.

Following complaints made to the council about illegal puppy breeding, officers investigated a business being ran by Mr Michael Ogden (51) and Mrs Andrea Ogden (32) of Burntstump Hill, Arnold.

Officers found that they were operating without a dog breeding licence and did not having planning permission for business use of the site.

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The couple also denied breeding three or more litters of puppies, in a 12-month period.

The couple later applied for a dog breeding licence, though this was refused as the kennels at the premises were too small and did not meet the legal requirements.

Planning permission was then also sought to develop at the site, however this was refused due to the impact it would have on the Green Belt and the disruption that would be caused to nearby properties.

The applicants appealed the council’s decision to refuse planning permission, but the decision was upheld by the government’s Planning Inspector.

Despite this, further investigations showed the couple had continued to breed and sell dogs, with puppies being advertised on social media as well as multiple other websites.

Documents provided to the council showed the couple had a waiting list for customers to purchase puppies, with some of the animals being priced at over £2,000 each.

Despite being warned of potential legal action, the couple continued to breed and sell dogs without a licence and so the council took appropriate enforcement action.

On March 28, 2023, Mr. and Mrs. Ogden pleaded guilty to the offence, leading to fines and costs totalling over £3,500.

The council relies on the community’s assistance to identify and address such activities effectively. Residents who suspect cases of illegal dog breeding are encouraged to report them to Gedling Borough Council by email at or by calling 0115 901 3901

Leader of Gedling Borough Council, Councillor John Clarke MBE said;

“The dog breeding licensing process is in place for a reason and we remain committed to ensuring this process is followed for the safety and well-being of our residents and animals.

“We will not hesitate to take firm action against illegal dog breeding operations and this case serves as a reminder that unlicensed breeding activities will not be tolerated in our borough.

“We urge residents to report any suspicions they may have, and enable us to tackle these issues. By working together, we can continue to protect our community and ensure responsible practices in dog breeding.

I would like to thank our licensing and legal officers for their work on this case and the residents who came forward to report their concerns.”

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