Tuesday 16 July 2024
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Nottinghamshire domestic abuse victims urged to seek help over Christmas

People experiencing domestic abuse over the Festive season are being reminded that help is always available from the police.

Specialist domestic abuse detectives will be on duty throughout the Christmas period and victims and their families are being urged not to wait to seek help.

Detective Inspector Dan Evans, domestic abuse lead at Nottinghamshire Police, explained:

“Christmas can be a stressful time for families and this can be a cause of conflict.

“It is also a time when many people are off work and services to the public are restricted.

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“But I want to be clear with victims, their friends and families that there are no such restrictions with policing. Domestic abuse is never acceptable and victims shouldn’t tolerate this at any time of year.

“So if someone in a relationship is suffering abuse, we don’t want them to wait to seek our help.

“We want them to contact us at the earliest opportunity to so we can put in place measures to keep them safe.

“If that means calling us on Christmas Day then we really don’t mind. Just like any other day, we will do everything we can to investigate what has happed and to protect victims and other families from further harm.”

Nottinghamshire Police has recently been awarded White Ribbon accreditation in recognition of its work to prevent violence against women and girls.

In recent years the force has also adopted a very bold and proactive approach to protecting victims from harm – even in cases where criminal charges cannot be secured.

These include:

  • Proactive arrest and strict bail conditions – Officers are encouraged to arrest suspects, interview them under caution and put in place bail conditions that prevent further harm to victims. These can include restrictions on their movements, access to children and also prohibit any further contact through a third party.
  • Domestic Violence Protection Orders – civil court orders that can be granted within 48 hours of an officer issuing a temporary Domestic Violence Protection Notice. These are used to protect victims by prohibiting any form of contact by perpetrators.
  • Non Molestation Orders – civil court orders that place restrictions on perpetrators, including not contacting or visiting their victims. Victims are supported by advocacy groups to apply for these.
  • Evidence Led Prosecutions – where charges can be brought even when victims do not wish to give a statement or go to court.
  • Stalking Prevention Orders – civil court orders that allow police to intervene early before cases have gone to court and / or behaviours escalate. Nineteen such orders are currently in place and the force was recently praised by the Home Office for its work in this area
  • Clare’s Law (Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme) – which gives victims and or people connected to them the ‘right to ask’ police for a disclosure about their partner. In some cases Nottinghamshire Police may proactively approach women where concerns exist about their partner. Nottinghamshire Police was the first force in the country to introduce mandatory consideration or right to know legislation in all cases of domestic assault.

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