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Nottinghamshire: Fire Service report shows incidents down among other key highlights

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) has released a comprehensive Service Delivery Performance Report, offering insights into the department’s activities and effectiveness over the past year.

This report, presented by Chief Fire Officer Craig Parkin, covers the period from April 1 to December 31, 2023, and reflects on several key aspects of the service’s performance, including response times, prevention activities, and safety audits.

Key Highlights:

Decrease in Overall Incidents: The NFRS attended a total of 8,175 incidents, marking an 8.8% decrease compared to the previous year. This reduction is largely attributed to fewer fire incidents due to milder weather conditions.

Efficient Response Times: Despite a slight delay in average attendance time (8 minutes and 16 seconds), the service remains close to its target of 8 minutes. Recent software updates to the Appliance Mobile Data Terminals are expected to improve this performance.

High On-Call Station Availability: The on-call station availability averaged 85.2%, exceeding the service target of 85%. Notably, stations like Hucknall and Warsop showed exceptionally high availability rates.

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Prevention Activities: The NFRS has been proactive in its prevention efforts, completing 12,075 Safe & Well Visits (SWVs), with a significant focus on vulnerable groups like the elderly and disabled. The service also engaged in educational programs and road safety interventions, reaching out to thousands of school pupils.

Fire Safety Audits: A total of 956 Fire Safety Audits (FSAs) were completed, with a small proportion requiring formal notices. The service also undertook numerous Business Safety Checks and consultations to enhance fire safety in various premises.

Handling of False Alarms: There was a 14% increase in false alarm responses, ( 3,347 incidents ) with a significant number of these being False Alarm Apparatus (FAAP) occurrences. The service has strategies in place to reduce unwanted fire signals.

The full report can be found here 

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