Tuesday 21 May 2024
16.9 C

Nottinghamshire hour by hour weather Sunday 19 November

Today’s Nottinghamshire weather includes hourly temperatures and risk of rain.


A fairly bright but breezy early morning with a few blustery showers. Remaining breezy and clouding over from late morning with rather frequent and locally heavy showers during the afternoon. Mild. Maximum temperature 13 °C.

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Showers easing from most parts through the evening with good clear spells developing overnight. Temperatures holding up though with a moderate breeze continuing much of the night. Minimum temperature 6 °C.

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Sunny spells at first, but becoming mostly cloudy with a few passing showers likely, particularly during the afternoon. Another fairly mild day with lighter winds. Maximum temperature 11 °C.

  • Hourly Temperature and Rain Forecast:
    • 09:00: 11°C – A 10% chance of rain as the day begins.
    • 10:00: 12°C – The likelihood of rain increases dramatically to 60%, signaling the start of what will be a damp day.
    • 11:00: 12°C – Rain chances at 60%.
    • 12:00: 12°C – Reduced 30% rain chance.
    • 13:00: 12°C – The possibility of rain picks back up to 60%.
    • 14:00: 12°C – Rain chances decrease to 20%.
    • 15:00: 13°C – The temperature peaks for the day, but with it, a minimal 10% rain chance.
    • 16:00: 12°C – Rain chances remain low at 10%, a trend that continues into the early evening.
    • 17:00: 11°C – As the day progresses, the temperature begins to drop, and rain chances are still low.
    • 18:00: 11°C – A consistent 20% chance of rain as we head into the evening.
    • 19:00: 11°C – The pattern of cool temperatures and potential for rain persists.
    • 20:00: 11°C – A 10% chance of rain, suggesting a drier night ahead.
    • 21:00: 11°C – The likelihood of rain remains low.
    • 22:00: 11°C – With less than a 5% chance, rain becomes unlikely as the night progresses.
    • 23:00: 10°C – The temperature dips further to a cool 10°C, ending the day with a low rain probability.



Further blustery showers through the evening and overnight. Some of the showers on the heavy side at times. Remaining mild. Minimum temperature 10 °C.


Often cloudy, with scattered heavy showers. Showers may merge into some longer spells of rain at times. A few brighter interludes possible. Staying mild, with brisk winds. Maximum temperature 13 °C.


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