Thursday 22 February 2024
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Nottinghamshire Labour Group announce new Leadership Team

Nottinghamshire Labour Group held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 10th May, and elected Cllr Kate Foale to be the new leader of the group.


Kate is the Labour Member for Beeston and Central Rylands, and had formerly held the position of Deputy Leader.

Cllr Mike Pringle, Labour Member for Ollerton, has been elected as Deputy Leader, and Cllr Errol Henry, Labour Member for Carlton West has been elected as the new Business Manager for the group.

Speaking after the AGM Cllr Kate Foale, Leader of the Labour Group said

“It is an honour to have been elected by the group, and on behalf of the Leadership Team and Labour Members across the county I would like to thank all those involved in last week’s election campaign.

Thank you to all the residents across the County who voted for Labour.

“We have a great Labour team who I know will continue to represent people all the people across Nottinghamshire, as well as holding the new administration to account. We will now reflect on the outcome of the election and listen to people across the County about how we can better serve them over the coming four years.

“Finally, could I place on record my sincere thanks to Cllr Alan Rhodes for his exceptional leadership, dedication to Nottinghamshire and its residents over the past 17 years, he will be very much missed, but I’m sure he will continue to be a great community champion”