Sunday 16 June 2024
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Nottinghamshire NHS domestic cleaner wins national award

A local NHS domestic cleaner, working for Nottinghamshire Healthcare, has won a national MyCleaning Award, run in association with NHS England.

Geraldine Needham, Domestic Cleaner at Nottinghamshire Healthcare has won the Domestic of the Year category after going above and beyond in her role every day.

She is so appreciated by her colleagues she received an amazing nine nominations.

The entries for the awards really impressed the judges, showing a broad range of examples of just why healthcare cleaning teams, domestics and healthcare auditors are fully deserving of the praise they receive at these awards.

Alison Wyld Executive Director of Finance and Estates at Nottinghamshire Healthcare said:

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“Huge congratulations to Geraldine on winning this award. To receive so many nominations shows what an incredible job she is doing and how much she is appreciated by her colleagues. She has a fantastic work ethic and is committed to creating the best possible environment for her colleagues and patients. Well done Geraldine on this huge achievement.”

Geraldine’s nominators commented how she is highly efficient and accountable in how she goes about her work. Geraldine typifies the hardworking healthcare domestics, often going above and beyond to ensure all areas are spotless.

Geraldine selflessly often works alone in the early hours to help avoid disrupting scheduled appointments, leaving areas sparkling clean and hazard free, safe for clinical staff and patients who enter the building for treatment. She was also praised in her nomination for how she tackled the pandemic. Geraldine kept infection control at the forefront of everybody’s mind

Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Paula Cheong said of her: “She is one of the most dedicated people I have worked with irrespective of grade, position or profession. She does her work without complaint and motivates the rest of us to do the same.”

Her nominators also mentioned how they have the great pleasure of seeing Geraldine most mornings and get to experience her friendly and loving persona. Geraldine has a heart of gold and shares her generosity, with those lucky enough to see her!

Geraldine said:

“I felt incredibly proud to win this award. It was so lovely to be recognised by my colleagues in this way. I’ve been very fortunate working for the Trust and working with some wonderful people. You get out of a job what you’re prepared to put in and should always treat people how you like to be treated. To win was just the icing on the cake”

Sue Benstead, Domestic Supervisor at the Trust was also shortlisted in the awards in the Lifetime Achievement Award category after working at Arnold Lodge, a medium secure unit for 33 years. Her dedication to the unit and patients is outstanding, she always puts them first, understanding the importance of high standards of cleanliness.

Emma Brookes of NHS England said at the event:

“I think it’s incredibly important to showcase the work that people are doing to go above and beyond.

“It’s not just about ‘we show up today, we clean and we go home’ many of these people and their stories today highlight how incredible they are in doing not just what they’re paid to do, but also enjoying it – and they’re a really important part of patient care and recovery”.

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