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Nottinghamshire People’s Vote Day of Action aims to ‘put voters back in control’


Nottinghamshire campaigners believe arguments over Brexit “could go on forever” if Theresa May’s Brexit deal is approved by parliament next week.

They say that MPs can’t break the current Brexit deadlock and so a People’s Vote on the final deal is the only way forward, as it puts voters back in control.

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The Nottingham and Nottinghamshire People’s Vote campaign will be taking their message to the streets of Nottingham in a National Day of Action on Saturday (12th January).

The campaigners will be giving voters a chance to write to their MPs asking them to reject Theresa May’s deal and support the campaign for a People’s Vote.

Susan Martin, one of the founding members of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire People’s Vote Campaign said: “As a raft of independent assessments – and even the Government themselves – have now acknowledged, the Government’s proposed Brexit would severely harm our economy, our NHS, and our standing in the world.

“If the Theresa May deal is approved, arguments over Brexit will go on forever because all the big questions are still unanswered.

“People don’t just have to accept a bad Brexit, they can demand their voice is heard. The public needs to have the final say on this crucial decision because, in the end, only the people can really sort this out.”

This will be the final action day before parliament votes on the government’s deal on 15 January. It follows on from the People’s Vote Summer of Action, which saw hugely successful rallies take place in Bristol, Edinburgh, and London, where the People’s Vote March for the Future saw a crowd of over 700,000 take to the streets.


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