Nottinghamshire Police 2 – 7 Scotland – but the charities are the winners

The match has finished and unfortunately the force were beaten by Police Scotland 2-7.

The game, held at the city ground, saw hundreds of people turn out to watch, and help raise money for two local charities.

Supporters gave generously to DC Tim Dunne’s charities and also Little Footprints, which supports Sneinton-based School for Parents.

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A keen footballer himself, and member of the Nottinghamshire Police team, PC Dunne unexpectedly passed away while out cycling with his family on holiday in Majorca in 2016. He was also heavily involved in supporting a youth football team, 4LifeTriathlon Club and two swimming clubs.

DC Dunne’s son Louis was mascot for the cup final and also came on to score the final goal of the game.

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Well done Police Scotland on your victory