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Nottinghamshire stalker jailed for breaching order

A Nottinghamshire stalking victim was protected from further harm after police officers caught a man breaching his Stalking Protection Order.

Waldemar Czekanski subjected his ex-partner to unwanted communications and visited her property on multiple occasions over a two-year period between September 2021 and 2023.

The 47-year-old had previously damaged her home, let himself into the address and threatened to kill her.

He pleaded guilty to stalking his former partner in Mansfield on September 20, 2023 and an interim Stalking Protection Order was granted the next day, before being made indefinite in October.

Czekanski was released from prison on licence in November to an approved address in Hucknall, however, information received by the probation service suggested that he was planning to resume the relationship with his former partner.

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During a Stalking Protection Order visit in December, two Safer Neighbourhood Team police officers discovered Czekanski had made multiple outgoing calls to his ex-partner and breached the order when they checked his mobile phone.

The officers’ intervention helped protect the victim from further harm when Czekanski was arrested on the spot.

He was charged with breaching the Stalking Protection Order and remanded into custody.

Czekanski, of Hucknall, pleaded guilty on December 22 at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court and was jailed for four months, spending Christmas behind bars.

Nottinghamshire Police obtained 34 Stalking Protection Orders in 2023, which prevent an offender from carrying out certain stalking behaviour.

When an order is made by a Magistrates’ Court, this can prohibit an offender from contacting a victim or visiting a particular place.

Detective Inspector Abi Goucher is the Safeguarding Teams lead as part of Nottinghamshire Police’s Prevention Hub, which is a collaboration between multiple force departments responsible for developing and delivering strategies to prevent crime and disorder throughout the city and county.

She said: “Czekanski flagrantly breached the terms of his Stalking Protection Order when he repeatedly contacted the victim.

“He clearly poses a significant risk to the welfare of his former partner and I am pleased he has now been jailed for this offence.

“I hope this case serves as a warning to others that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable and that we will strive to prevent further harm through robust action.”

PC Sandeep Mann said: “This case highlights the importance and effectiveness of Stalking Protection Orders, which can make a real difference to the victims of stalking.

“A simple check of defendant’s phone records showed that he was continuing to stalk the victim and was able to be arrested on the spot, and ultimately sentenced based on the phone evidence alone.”

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