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Nottinghamshire weekend weather: Wind, rain and thunder says Met Office

Nottinghamshire will have a wet and windy weekend of fluctuating weather conditions, according to the latest forecasts from the Met Office.


On Saturday, 15th July, the county can expect a day of contrasts.

Showers developing widely across the region by late-morning, heavy and thundery at times, but also occasional sunny intervals in-between. Rather windy with strong gusts likely in and around showers. Maximum temperature 20 °C.

The day will start with sunny intervals, offering a pleasant start to the weekend. However, as the day progresses, the weather is expected to take a dramatic turn.

By late morning, thunderstorms are predicted to roll in, potentially disrupting outdoor activities.

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The maximum daytime temperature is forecast to reach 20 degrees Celsius, with a minimum nighttime temperature of 14 degrees Celsius.

The UV index is high, so residents are advised to take necessary precautions if venturing outdoors. Pollution levels are expected to remain low, but the pollen count is moderate, which could affect those with allergies.


The weather on Sunday, 16th July, is expected to be less volatile but still unsettled. The day will start cloudy, changing to light showers by lunchtime. The maximum and minimum temperatures are forecasted to be similar to Saturday, with highs of 19 degrees Celsius and lows of 12 degrees Celsius. The UV index remains high, and pollution levels low. The pollen count is also expected to be moderate.

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50 mph wind gusts

In addition to the weather changes, the Met Office has issued a warning about unseasonably strong winds and heavy rain or showers across the UK over the coming days due to an Atlantic low-pressure system. This could potentially lead to flooding in some areas. Residents are advised to stay updated on the latest weather warnings and to take necessary precautions.

Further ahead

As we look ahead to the start of next week, the weather is expected to brighten up on Monday and Tuesday with fewer heavy showers and easing winds. However, there is a chance of organised heavy rain later on Tuesday.


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