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Nottinghamshire weather forecast for Bank Holiday Monday 28 August

Nottinghamshire is in for a day of variable weather conditions according to the latest data from the Met Office.

Bank Holiday Monday can expect a blend of sunny spells and cloud cover, with the possibility of light rain or drizzle. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what to anticipate.

Morning Forecast: A Cloudy Start

The day is expected to kick off with sunny spells, but clouds will gradually roll in as the morning progresses. The cloud cover may become thick enough to produce the occasional spot of light rain or drizzle. Morning temperatures are likely to hover around 14-15°C.

Afternoon Update: A Mixed Bag

In the afternoon, the clouds may part to allow for some sunny spells. However, there’s an added risk of isolated showers. The temperature is expected to peak at 20°C, making it a relatively mild day. The UV index is marked as moderate, so if you’re planning to spend time outdoors, don’t forget your sunscreen.

Evening Overview: Winds Easing

As the sun sets, the winds are expected to ease, and the sky will feature variable cloud amounts. The temperature will gradually drop to around 16-17°C. The chance of precipitation remains low, making it a largely dry evening.

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Nighttime: A Calm End

The night is set to be largely dry, with variable cloud amounts. There may be occasional mist or fog patches forming under any clearer spells, where it will feel locally chilly. The minimum temperature is expected to be around 12°C.

Environmental Factors

  • UV Index: Moderate
  • Pollution: Low
  • Pollen: High

Today: Bank Holiday Monday

Sunny spells to start, but turning cloudy, perhaps thick enough to produce the odd spot of light rain or drizzle. In the afternoon, some sunny spells, with the added risk of isolated showers. Breezier. Maximum temperature 20 °C.


Largely dry, with variable cloud amounts Monday night. The occasional mist or fog patch may form under any clearer spells, where it will feel locally chilly. Winds easing overnight. Minimum temperature 12 °C.


Any mist and fog patches quickly clearing. Becoming cloudy after a bright start on Tuesday, with showery rain in the afternoon. Temperatures near normal. Maximum temperature 20 °C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Partly cloudy with a few showers on Wednesday. Cool. Turning increasingly cloudy on Thursday, some rain later. Remaining changeable Friday, with showery outbreaks of heavy rain. Feeling humid.

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